Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

As I'm sitting here typing, my house is pretty quiet.  My daughter is in school, and my son is entertaining himself with my husband's iPhone.  With my due date coming up in less than 60 days, I've started to really appreciate these times.  They won't be lasting too much longer.  Its been almost four years since we've had a newborn in the house.  Things have fallen into a crazy, wonderful routine since then and I think before my husband and I decided to get pregnant again, we were taking that for granted.  Now that part of me that really, really enjoys that routine is sort of freaking out.

Logically, part of me understands that this time around with an infant will be far more easy than it was when my son was an infant.  My two oldest are old enough to take orders, comprehend and execute (hopefully) without too much fuss.  But when my son was born, my daughter was only 2 years old.  And while she enjoyed loving on the baby and she'd occasionally get me a diaper, I felt like my time was spent chasing after her as much as it was being responsible for my son's needs.  It was one of the reasons I decided to stop breastfeeding him, though we didn't have many problems with his latching.  When you're sitting on your couch breastfeeding, and your daughter decides to start climbing the kitchen counters like Mount Everest, you can't just stand up with baby still attached and get her down.  You have two choices - you either let her continue climbing and possibly seriously injuring or killing herself while your son peacefully nurses, or you put the baby in his bouncy seat, or on the floor or in his playpen, screaming because he's not done, while you transfer yourself to your chair and make sure your child doesn't harm herself.  The bottle was really the reason my daughter is alive today.  With this current baby in utero, it gives me pause to think about what challenges his coming into the family will pose.

Regardless of my nervousness, I know I'm a bit better prepared for a lot of the eventualities that comes with a newborn that I wasn't with my other two.  For one - I learned a little late for it to be useful with Isaac about a contraption called the Moby Wrap.  With two kids to deal with and the absolute necessity of needing both my hands free, this will definitely be a life saver.  And its not just the hands-free aspect that is appealing.  Those darn cheap baby carriers don't work for me.  They were designed to hang properly when you're standing up.  So when it sits in your lap, its way too loose for it to hold the baby securely enough when you're pushing a chair.  Heck, half the time, people using those types of carriers are using one hand to hold the baby against them so the head doesn't flop around when they're walking anyway.  The Moby Wrap holds that little, tiny, floppy being right to your body - no flopping and no feeling like if you bend over they are going to fall out.  Its a Godsend for sure.

SNIGLAR Crib  Length: 53 7/8 " Width: 29 1/8 " Height: 33 1/8 " Bed width: 27 1/2 " Bed length: 52 "  Length: 137 cm Width: 74 cm Height: 84 cm Bed width: 70 cm Bed length: 132 cm  Another fabulous find this time around was this crib I found at IKEA.  Heaven bless those Scandinavians for making short cribs.  This crib is the perfect height for me to put baby in and out without either having saw the legs off the crib or me feeling like I'm just dropping baby in!  Its nothing fancy but it definitely will work for me.

And the last thing that will definitely make life a little easier for an infant and a wheelchair is this swing.  The leg's wide base makes it easy for my chair to roll close enough to it that when I put baby in it, my center of gravity is still pretty solid, even leaning over a bit.  The height of the chair is also perfect for that same reason.

The Boy Scout's motto is "Be prepared."  I think I'm about prepared as I'm going to be.  As much as any mother can be whether its your first baby or your third like me.  Now how to deal with sibling rivalry?

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